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Twirl is a dance. It is a gesture and response. It begins with the land, and moves from the soil to the plants and animals that live in the place.

I do not describe this movement as work, for it is a pleasure, a gift, and a way of life. It is a dance that encompasses stewardship, husbandry, artistic endeavor, compassion and commitment. It requires you to engage fully in so many aspects of life that you do not understand until you are swimming in this experience.

The yarn I make takes these qualities—and through daily chores of feeding, husbandry, washing and blending, washing, dyeing and preparing—to final form.

The breeds of sheep I choose to be part of my family are luster longwool breeds. Known for their qualities of …… luster, strength, softness. Their first quality is not softness, but rather….

I strive to make a yarn that is luminescent, strong, and has a hand that you want to engage in using to create a garment that has a presence. Authentic to the animals that make this fiber.